LiaoNing ZhongWang Group Co.Ltd

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LiaoNing ZhongWang Group Co., Ltd

Synopsis of Company
LiaoNing ZhongWang Group Company Limited is a famous large-scale and modern aluminum profile production enterprise in China. The Company has total assets of RMB 7.9 billion with more than 3,200 working staff. The annual capacity of aluminum profile is 500,000 tons. It mainly produces all types of aluminum profiles for residential construction, industrial uses and usages from other trades. It was recognized as a large-scale national enterp...

          • Company Name:
          • LiaoNing ZhongWang Group Co.Ltd
          • Business Type:
          • Main Products:
          • Civil construct aluminium sections,industrial aluminium sections,plastic products,series of door&window,heat insulation door&window,etc.
          • Address:
          • No.299 WenSheng Road LiaoNing City
          • Post Code:
          • 111003
          • Contact Person:
          • Manager Lin
          • Department:
          • Mobile Phone:
          • Tel:
          • 0419-4150491 4151555
          • Fax:
          • 0419-4150491
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